These are a few of my favorite things. As always, thank you for supporting the brands that support Alive in the Fire.

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yogi surprise

A monthly subscription box that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world every time it arrives in that beautiful, bright purple box. Comes with yoga props and accessories, natural skin and body products, healthy snacks, candles, crystals, books, handmade journals, and more.


I love the fun colors and patterns at Tree Tribe, and most of all I love how functional and comfortable their yoga gear is. These are some of the only pants that I can wear for a run or to the gym for a super sweaty workout and by the time I’m done with my cool down and stretching, they’re dry ;) Highly recommend! If you go shopping, use the code ALIVEINTHEFIRE to save 10%!

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Garden of life raw protein

I put the vanilla or chocolate flavor in my smoothie every morning. This stuff is amazing; organic, clean, raw, non-GMO, dairy free, no BS.

My favorite way to start the day: 1 scoop of this, a frozen banana, almond milk, and one TBSP of almond butter. Yum!


Dharma Yoga Wheel

My favorite yoga prop of all time! The Dharma Yoga Wheel is an amazing tool for opening the chest, upper back and hip flexors, and for stretching and releasing tension in the low back and shoulders. It’s also great for stabilizing in inversions. There are so many creative ways to use the wheel and I highly encourage trying one out.

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yoga mats

All-time favorite mat that feels like ‘home’ every time I roll it out: Manduka Pro.

The beautiful mat that brings out my creativity, playfulness and sensual side: Clever Yoga’s Liquid Balance yoga mat.

feet up trainer

This yoga prop is awesome for inversions and comes with a sweet poster that gives you ideas for how to use it in a variety of poses. The Feet Up trainer is versatile and allows you to invert, stretch, and incorporate an element of play into your yoga practice. Read my review to learn more, and if you’re placing an order, be sure to use the code ALIVEINTHEFIRE to save $10 on your Feet Up trainer. ;)


R.E.D.D. delivers the best gluten-free, organic, vegan on-the-go nutrition. I love having these for a quick breakfast, or a pre- or post-workout snack.

Note: I’m very selective about the brands I share here on Alive in the Fire. I only promote products that are high-quality, holistic and healthful, and whose teams share a goal of putting out good energy into the world. The only compensation I receive from the brands listed here is through the affiliate link provided for Tree Tribe and the discount code for Feet Up; by purchasing using those, you support Alive in the Fire.

Are you interested in collaborating? I’m always open to connecting with new brands and supporting fellow entrepreneurs! Feel free to send me a message.