Need a Hug?

Let's pause

to take a deep breath

and remember

It's all going to be OK.

In fact, when we dig deep enough,

and sit with the breath,

we see how it already is OK.

This life is constantly changing,

throwing us curve balls.

The breath comes in

goes out

returns again.

On days when the breath is ragged and shallow,

I'll hold you, helping show you

how to slow down.

Breathing while in a hug

is easier.

Breathing together is easier.

The element of touch reminds us

to be gentle.

Let in

the breath,

the gentleness,

this hug.

And know that whenever you need it,

another is waiting.

You didn't even have to ask.

Photos in this post found on Pinterest, via Tumblr (1), Inspiration Lush (2), IMG Fave (3), The Glow (4), and Growing Wildly (5).