Top 10 Reasons to Do an Instagram Challenge

Do you guys have Instagram?

I'd love to invite you to participate in a yoga challenge I'm helping host this week.

The challenge is called #MoreThanAsana and each day we're focusing on ways to delve deeper into your practice to explore yoga beyond the physical poses. 

How does yoga help you live a happy, healthy and balanced life? And how does your practice extend beyond the yoga mat?

If you've never tried a yoga challenge on Instagram before, here are some reasons to jump in and give it a go...

10 Reasons to Participate in a Challenge on Instagram

1. You'll have fun! (That's kind of the point.)

2. Spark creativity in your practice. Instagram challenges add variety to your daily routine, encouraging you to try poses you may not have tried before, and to reflect on eye-opening topics.

3. Meet new friends and expand your community! This may be my favorite part of participating in an Instagram challenge: you get to know new people. I've made some lasting friendships through Instagram, which I have to say, I didn't expect. Social media can surely be a time suck but it can also be a meaningful way to connect with others. You have to first be willing to put yourself out there and be real with people.

4. Learn something new.  The hosts, sponsors and participants of any given challenge have some awesome wisdom to share. Start paying attention to others' posts and you'll be surprised by what new tips, tricks and enlightening ideas you pick up.

5. Accountability. When you commit to the group to show up every day, and you follow through on your promise, amazing things happen. You'll experience powerful growth by allowing yourself to be held accountable, and by offering that accountability to others.

6. Share your voice. A few times I've participated in Instagram challenges at a moment in life when I felt alone. It was very powerful to share my voice and to realize that others are listening! Through these posts, you'll have an opportunity to express yourself, and to be heard.

7. You get to know yourself better when you ask big questions. Part of an Instagram challenge is that the daily posts are asking you to step outside of your comfort zone, and perhaps challenge some of the ideas that are keeping you stagnant. During our #MoreThanAsana challenge, we are exploring some big ideas: self-acceptance and self-love, spirituality, energy healing, and mindfulness. By looking at these ideas, and being willing to meditate on your personal experiences, you may uncover some beautiful truths that you would not have otherwise.

8. You inspire others! When you participate in an Instagram challenge, your posts give encouragement and positivity to the others in the group. Plus, it's always fun reading posts by other yogis and leaving them some comments. :)

9. You overcome challenges. It's called a "challenge" for a reason! In order to complete a challenge, you must let go of any excuses about not having enough time in the day to post, or not being "good enough" to share your voice. A yoga challenge on Instagram reaffirms your commitment to yourself and requires you to be vulnerable.

10. There is no time like the present. Challenges remind you to stay grounded in the moment, rather than worrying about the past or the future.

So, how do you join the #MoreThanAsana yoga challenge on Instagram?

  • Follow the hosts and sponsors

@doyourraindance @theayurbabe @midmerryyoga @aliveinthefireyoga @hippiebumpeace

Sponsors: @metricjewels @yoga_by_kels @jessicamoonflower

  • Each day check in with the host to see what pose you'll be photographing, and what topic you'll be writing about.
  • Share your posts from 2/25 to 3/4, and feel free to catch up until 3/7 if you fall behind.
  • Be entered to win prizes! For this challenge, you can win:
    • a 30-minute online yoga class with our very own Kelsie from Sponsored Yogis
    • a 20-minute distance Reiki session with follow up email offering custom ideas to incorporate healing and vitality into your life
    • a beautiful handmade mala bracelet
  • Keep sharing the love even after the challenge has ended.