Sponsored Yogis

A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and at the right place, and when we contemplate nothing in return.
—The Bhagavad Gita

To make a donation to the Sponsored Yogis program, click here:
Please email Rachel at aliveinthefire at gmail dot com for questions about  next year's program. Note: Illustration by Rebecca Hawkes.

What is Sponsored Yogis?
Sponsored Yogis is an annual program at Alive in the Fire where I choose yogis around the country to support in their yoga journey. I fundraise in order to provide studio classes, yoga gear, yoga wear, and various green goods (nutritious snacks, spa products, and custom journals) to each individual. I keep in close contact with the group, offering customized advice and resources on yoga, meditation and wellness. Sponsored yogis also have the chance to write about their experiences and share their stories with blog readers. 

What’s the goal of the program?
At the heart of yoga is seva, or selfless service. The Sponsored Yogis program is my way of giving back to the yoga community and inspiring others to dive deeper into their practice.

The goals of the program are to:
  • Inspire yogis of all levels 
  • Share knowledge about all 8 limbs of yoga as well as meditation, nutrition and emotional wellness
  • Build community
  • Communicate new yoga stories and diverse perspectives on the blog
  • Support yoga studios, health and wellness businesses, artists and entrepreneurs by featuring them on Alive in the Fire 
How can I get sponsored?
Email Rachel at aliveinthefire (at) gmail (dot) com for an application.

How are sponsored yogis chosen? What criteria is used to determine who gets picked?
Sponsored yogis are chosen based on an application process involving some writing about yourself, and some follow up with Rachel. The application consists of a series of questions about the yogi’s background in yoga and their ideas for blogging and contributing to Alive in the Fire. When reviewing applications, I look for passion and commitment. I choose yogis who are dedicated to deepening their practice, who are enthusiastic about engaging in community, and who are ready to speak their truth and shine their light in the world.

How can I make a donation to support the sponsored yogis?
If you are a yoga studio owner, yoga teacher, massage therapist, reiki practitioner, health and wellness business owner, nutritionist, artist, entrepreneur, or just generally generous person interested in giving, contact Rachel at aliveinthefire at gmail dot com.

Your gifts are what sustain the program! Whether you offer a yoga mat, free week of classes, or a yoga book, you’ll inspire a yogi on a personal level. You’ll also have the chance to bring awareness to your brand through:
  • A post reviewing your product, including photos and links to your website or social media
  • The opportunity to purchase discounted ad space on Alive in the Fire
  • Word-of-mouth endorsement at yoga studios and in health and wellness communities around the country
  • Participation in a unique generosity project that may spur media coverage 
  • Sharing large amounts of happiness, peace, and joy with strangers—making our world a better place!

Sponsored Yogis 2016
Kelsie (Clarkston, WA)
Yani (Bakersfield, CA)

Sponsored Yogis 2015
Keyla (Orlando, FL)
Elizabeth (Sutter, CA)
Valerie (Sacramento, CA)

Sponsored Yogis 2014 
Jena (Roseville, CA)
Justin (Folsom, CA)
Samantha (Washington, DC)
Ty (St. Louis Park, Minnesota)

Photos by Justin Kral.