Are You New to Yoga?

Yoga beginners, welcome!
I'm so happy for you, that you're adding yoga to your wellness routine :)

Here at Alive in the Fire, I believe in encouraging everyone to try yoga.

Check out these posts to get started, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

For Beginners
  • Tips for yoga beginners.
  • My all-time favorite yoga DVDs.
  • Yoga poses for chronic pain.
  • Do you have an injury or need to modify your practice? Be gentle with yourself. Here's a post from when I was recovering from intense sciatica.
  • Do you feel flustered with questions in class? That's normal. Embrace your curiosity and ask away. Be patient and the answers will come. This post is great if you want to learn more about various styles of yoga, too.
  • Calm your fire by taking a restorative Yin Yoga class.
  • Need help deciding what style of yoga is right for you? This book and this website can help.
Vinyasa Yoga
  • I did my 200 hour teacher training in Vinyasa yoga, with Baron Baptiste's teaching at the foundation. Here are some reflections on how I memorized the vinyasa flow.
  • Have you fallen away from your practice? Now is a great time to get back on track.
Dharma Yoga
Bikram Yoga
  • An in-depth guide to surviving your first Bikram class.
  • We are all beginners, every class. That's why the teacher says, "Welcome to Bikram's beginning yoga class."
  • On having no fear and having fun in class. You choose not to suffer. 
  • What to eat and drink before class in the Hot Room.
  • How to quit the fidget and get focused in class.
  • Visit Bikram Headquarters to find certified studios near you, get more information on Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, and read the official posture guide.
Want to get in touch? Email me: aliveinthefire at gmail dot com.