Sunday, September 25, 2016

Notice Each Moment

It's all going to be OK. In fact, it already is. 

If you set your mind on peace, and keep it there, nothing can steal that from you. 

Not surprises or unexpected conversations, not heartache, not anger, not loss. 

Not shitty behavior from people you care about. 

Not feeling confused or lost, wondering what your purpose is, not even the days when you want to give up. 

You begin to see these as experiences as experiences. 

You have a chance to be human here in this lifetime, to ride the ups and downs and simply keep noticing. 

Notice discomfort. Notice your breath. Notice the way you can keep your heart open. Notice the moments when you want to close, and then stay open. 

Take up space. Take care of you. 

It's all OK.

Photos by Ken Johnson of CKCImage.

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