Monday, September 19, 2016

Cleaning House (With Yogi Surprise September)

How recently have you 'cleaned house' on the different areas of your life?

In the last few weeks, I've been savoring moments when I can release what is old and needs to be surrendered.

I've been organizing paperwork, tidying rooms, and making space for my yoga mat.

I've been talking to friends about the past, and seeing what ways I need to (and am ready to) let go of it.

I've been writing down my thoughts.

Taking time to sit. To notice. To breathe.

To imagine my whole body, mind, and spirit free from clutter.

What do you need to release in order to be more present? What practices help you do this?

If you're feeling a little lost on where to start, or overwhelmed by the thought of surrendering something, it can be helpful to simply do one thing.

Clean your yoga mat. 

Take a long, hot bath.

Take a walk somewhere barefoot and picture every bit of negative energy, every old, stale, untrue thought, every doubt-- picture them leaving you, exiting your body through your feet, being left to dust.

This month's Yogi Surprise box helped me clean house. My two favorite products: the Pura Botanica Bath Infusion Rose' Retreat (it has mineral sea salts, essential oils and curative herbs and, amazing!), and the Happy Spritz Namaste Ninja Handcrafted Aromatherapy (an energizing blend that has anti-microbial properties and will keep your mat feeling, and smelling, super fresh.)

Wishing you clarity, peace, and patience as you clean house. Namaste.

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