Monday, July 11, 2016

What Are Your Morning Rituals?

Yogis, I'm curious: how do you usually start your day? 

Do you have any morning rituals you use to get grounded, centered and energized before heading out the door?

Here's my usual routine:

Lemon water. First thing in the morning, I like to drink hot water mixed with the juice of one lemon and a little bit of honey. This helps kickstart my digestion and balance my pH. I also take a probiotic supplement.

I make coffee using an awesome French press, feed the dog, help everyone in the house get ready for the day, and eat a light breakfast (two fried eggs, fruit, a smoothie, or oatmeal).

Often I'll fit in a gentle yoga practice for 30-60 minutes, roll on my Dharma Yoga Wheel, and do some pranayama breathing. Some days, instead of yoga, I'll work out at the gym, go for a walk, jog, or bike ride.

On the weekends, I love to make fancier breakfasts, with eggs, pancakes, and fruit. If the weather is nice, it's always lovely to eat outside in the backyard.

Some days, if I have extra time before work, I'll write a few blog posts, respond to emails, schedule social media posts, or read some of my favorite blogs.

I also like to write gratitude lists in the morning, write down my goals, or journal freely about what's going on for me.

I believe morning is a sacred time and I love my morning rituals.

I'd love to hear-- what are yours?

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