Thursday, July 7, 2016


What if I actually let myself believe that everything is OK, and is going to continue to be OK? 

What if I focused on love instead of fear? 

On living instead of messing up? 

What if, instead of replaying my stressful memories and nightmares in my mind, instead of re-hashing old conversations and wishing I had said something differently, instead of focusing on my flaws, I found gratitude in the present moment? 

What if I gave myself permission to be imperfect? 

What if I gave myself permission to fail, and still be 'good' and 'enough' and 'lovable' and 'worthy?' 

What then?

Isn't it amazing when you have days that shift your perspective? 

When, after feeling low and feeling desperate, you feel hopeful?

Today felt like one of those days for me. 

And sure as hell I'm going to keep riding that wave, staying present. 




Photos in this post by Felipe Silva of Uprise Collective.

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