Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Energizing Snacks

What are the best foods for yogis to eat before and after class? 

This is a question I often return to, especially on days when I have intense, sweaty workouts and need to keep my energy levels up.

Recently lovely sponsored yogini Kels was given a chance to try some yummy GoMacro macrobars, and these may be our new favorite pre- and post-yoga snacks...

GoMacro loves flavor. Healthy, wholesome, flavor. They’re macrobiotic, meaning they’re made from wholesome ingredients. 

They are minimally processed and help you maintain health and balance in your life. 

Go Macro’s mantra is that if nature didn’t make it, they don’t use it in their bars. They’re delicious, nutritious and life-giving.

My favorites are the GoMaco Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and the Apple Walnut. Trust me on this one.

What snacks do you like to eat before or after a workout?

I'd love to hear! 

A heartfelt Namaste to the team at GoMacro and to Kelsie for sharing her review :)
Photos in this post courtesty of Kelsie and from GoMacro.

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