Monday, May 23, 2016

Your Year

What will you look back on next year or a few years from now and remember about 2016?

"2016... ah, yes! That was the year when I..."

Recently it struck me that the year is almost halfway over (?!!) and so it got me thinking about what this year has been for me.



2016... ah, yes! That was the year when I:

  • Made Sponsored Yogis something great(er than ever before)
  • Taught some badass yoga classes
  • Doubted myself completely as a yoga teacher, but kept teaching
  • Moved somewhere completely new
  • Allowed myself to be a student of yoga again
  • Learned to cook more
  • Lived by the beach (and went kayaking)
  • Believed in myself even when things felt like they were falling apart
  • Shot boudoir photos and loved it
  • Connected with some badass women and in publishing their stories, realized I, too, am badass (always have been)
I've only started this list, but already it's reminding me that this has been a pretty awesome year.

What's your 2016 been like? I'd love to hear...

Photos in this post by Tom Huynh (1, 2) and me (3-6).

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