Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mixing Up Your Workout Routine

Hey, yogi friends! :)

This week I've been mixing up my workout routine, and I'm finding I like the change of pace. How often do you change up your routine?

Do you like to try different workouts, different types of yoga classes, and different meal ideas and snacks?

Recently, I've been varying my workout. Instead of my usual routine of a 60-75 minute yoga class each day, I mixed it up like this:
  • Monday: 3 sun salutations + 30 minute jog/walk + 8 minutes of abs + 15 minutes of yin stretching
  • Tuesday: 15 minutes of jumping rope + a few yoga poses on the wall (forearm stand and headstand) + cool down and Shavasana
  • Wednesday: 30 minute hike with the dog + pigeon pose. Later that day, a 20 minute walk with the family
  • Thursday: morning 60 minute barre booty class (amazing!); in the afternoon, 15 minutes of hula hooping, squats, pushups, and then 15 minutes of yin
  • Friday: 1 hour kayaking trip (followed by ice cream and a long, hot shower, ha!)

Some other fun ways you can mix up your routine:
  • ask friends to join you
  • create a new playlist for your workout
  • go outside instead of being inside 
  • research free classes or meetup groups in your area
  • set a specific goal, and see if that sparks ideas for changing your routine (ie, I want to hold plank for 10 breaths) and also keep a journal with notes on your progress

I love mixing it up-- changing my workout routine keeps my body guessing, and helps me grow stronger. I always return to my yoga mat feeling new awareness, new strength, and more gratitude for my yoga practice.

What new ways are you mixing it up lately?



  1. I like to practice yoga at least 5 days a week if possible. Also if I can go to a yoga sculpt class, great, otherwise I lift weights in my garage. Just dumbells and I can do everything with those. I'm a longtime gym rat but quit the gym back in January to focus on yoga. Still I enjoy lifting weights. I should incorporate 15 minutes of yin stretching in, I love that idea!!! Occasionally I'll go for a fast walk for 45-60 minutes. I used to cycle at the gym but outdoors I prefer walking. I'm pretty routine. I'm not a huge fan of change. I know I should be more open to it though.

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