Friday, May 13, 2016


Lately I've been pondering the power of manifestation.

What helps you bring your dreams to life?

Do you sit in meditation? Do you write? Do you keep tokens or wear jewelry that remind you daily of what you seek?

What are the rituals you use for manifesting beautiful, amazing things in your life?

One practice I love using for manifestation is to wear pieces of jewelry with intention. Sometimes I'll have a certain ring or bracelet that I assign a mantra or a meaning, and then whenever I see that piece of jewelry I'm reminded to bring in that quality (maybe peacefulness, or love) or just to take a deep breath and re-center myself.

Recently I received a beautiful necklace from The Sattva Collection made with amethyst and crystal that features the Sri Yantra symbol. I wear it daily as a reminder to manifest a strong connection to my spiritual practices of yoga, meditation, and chanting.

I am wearing this necklace daily as a reminder to stay grounded and at peace with my new home, and to commit to my spiritual practices.

Since I moved north to the coast, things have been a little up and down-- lots of emotions come with relocating to a new town, immersing myself in new yoga communities, and adjusting to a new environment. I'm grateful for this necklace as a little reminder that I can feel at home no matter where I am, and I can cultivate that sense of comfort and familiarity by doing my daily practices.

When I wear this necklace it also reminds me that I am connected the great teachers, guides, and the ancient wisdom from this practice. This necklace has the Sri Yantra symbol, which I love (and also have tattooed on my back!) -- it represents balance in all things, divine feminine and masculine, earth and sky, the natural order and beauty of things. 

I also love the amethyst and clear quartz beads, for bringing in high vibration energy, peacefulness, and openness. 

I'm very grateful to be a part of the brand ambassador team for The Sattva Collection especially at this moment in my life, where I so dearly appreciate my connections to fellow yogis, both near and far.

We are all connected.

Stay in tune to that collective energy of love and peace on a daily basis, and you will manifest your dreams!

I'd love to invite you to check out The Sattva Collection and feel free to use the coupon code ALIVEINTHEFIRE to save $10 on your order :)

PS You can also follow @thesattvacollection on Instagram for inspiring ideas about manifestation, yoga, meditation, travel, goddess energy, and more. Namaste.

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