Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Let's Trade Lives for a Day

Do you ever get stuck in worrying about your own life? Where you feel heavy and weighed down by responsibilities, expectations, and obligations? Do you ever find your own emotions overwhelming and your relationships challenging?

Today, a thought for you to consider:

Picture yourself trading lives with someone you know.

Maybe a friend, a family member, a colleague, or even the waiter who works at your favorite restaurant.

What if, only for a day, that person could take over your worries and you could trade them in for theirs?

What would happen?

Obviously you're not actually going to do this -- and I'm not saying that trading would make your life easier or better in any way -- but don't you think that if you suddenly stepped into someone else's shoes, you might discover new things to be grateful for, in spite of all the worries and frustrations in that person's life?

A mom who's sick of hearing her kid cry -- suddenly you're in her spot and you have this rare, incredible chance to hold a baby. In that mama's shoes, instead of feeling a burden, you feel wonder at the site of a baby's face, and beautiful fingers and toes. Maybe you've always wished you could be a parent, and this experience of holding a child gives you a new appreciation for that role.

Or, you swap in for someone whose bank account is empty and they're piling up debt on a credit card. Maybe you trade lives with someone who has just lost a loved one. Yet instead of guilt or fear or grief, you're suddenly able to notice all the love that surrounds this person. The way their friends and family are offering such steadfast support and encouragement, the way they say, "I love you," and really mean it. You see the light and love surrounding this person, despite the dark struggle that they're going through.

Try playing this game in reverse: picture whoever that person is who trades in and steps into your life. What do they notice? What blessings are they surrounded by? Who talks to them? What freedom do they suddenly have?

It's my prayer that letting your imagination run wild might help you see the beauty that surrounds you, all the little things there are to be grateful for.

In this precious moment.

And in your whole one wild and precious life.


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