Friday, May 20, 2016

Honoring the Divine Within (Yogi Surprise May Review)

Do you ever pause to honor how truly amazing you are? :)

I love that this month's Yogi Surprise box is themed around honoring the divine within.

As we transition from spring to summer, this is the perfect time of year to take a pause. Honor the changing energy, the momentum that picks up as summer arrives, with its heat and ferocity. Give yourself a moment to breathe and simply sit with what is.

Honor the changes that have happened to you so far this year, and recognize that the space you're in is only temporary; things will change again.

This may even be a good time to take a break from some of the activities and plans that have been keeping you in a rush. If you slow down and savor the moment, what do you notice?

Here's a lovely quote from the Yogi Surprise box -- maybe take a few minutes to sit somewhere quiet and reflect on it.

This is a moment to savor. A space between the day's demands to give yourself nourishing time to dive inward and shake off any mental turbulence that you've picked up throughout your day.

...Allow yourself the extra space to connect with your pure divine self that is connected with all living things.

It is from this place that true balance, creativity, and nourishment are alive and reside in us all.

Here my two favorite items from the box:

These are lovely! I'm always grateful to add stones to my collection, and this set is complete with one for each chakra.
  • root chakra: red jasper for stability
  • sacral chakra: carnelian for creativity
  • solar plexus chakra: citrine for willpower (citrine is my absolute favorite!)
  • heart chakra: aventurine for love
  • throat chakra: sodalite for communication
  • third eye chakra: amethyst for intuition
  • crown chakra: quartz crystal for clarity

This lip gloss makes me feel so pretty! :) I love that it's a subtle color and adds a lot of shine. It has argan oil and echinacea and has a really nice texture, too. My new favorite makeup item (and I hardly ever wear makeup).

Be kind to yourself! XO

PS In these photos I'm wearing my favorite necklace from The Sattva Collection. If you like it or are interested in finding a beautiful piece of high-vibration jewelry, check them out! And save $10 on your order using the coupon code ALIVEINTHEFIRE. Namaste, loves.

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