Thursday, April 14, 2016

On Courage

Photos by Tom Huynh.

Being courageous doesn't mean that I don't have fears.

Courage is about willingness. 

Willingness to work with the fears. To notice them. Not to ignore them but to become very aware of them.

Courage is a dedication. An act of willingness. A choice to say, I won't give up.

When I am courageous, I notice, what do I stand for? What's important to me?

And then I focus on that. I eliminate distractions. I check myself on when I'm being honest, and when I'm letting untrue thoughts creep in. I am courageous when I choose not to let fear run the show. 

Courage is when, instead of caving to fear, I commit to love.

I focus my attention so carefully and I set my intention with such determination that I allow love to fill me, I allow fear to release, and I rise to the occasion.

Love over fear; this is courage.

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