Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Love You

Photos by Tom Huynh.

Look in the mirror, look yourself in the eye, and say, 'I love you.' 

Are you willing to do that? To be loving toward yourself. Compassionate and kind, like you would be to a friend. 

Don't talk shit about yourself. Treat yourself with the respect and forgiveness and generosity you deserve. You deserve greatness! If ever a moment comes along when you forget that this is true, just go find a mirror. 

Look into your own eyes and say it out loud: I love you!

Have a sigh and pat yourself on the back and laugh at how easy that was. 

Have a moment to remember. And then just keep on being you-- loving, imperfect, and beautiful-- and keep forgiving yourself along the way.

I'm sharing this because for the last few weeks I've felt a little out of sorts, and extra hard on myself. My thought patterns can become negative and judgmental and even though I'm aware of it I still struggle to get out of that mindset. 

This week it shifted. I've been taking more classes, letting myself move freely and breathing into the spaces of each pose. When my mat is surrounded by supporting and loving people, I'm reminded of how awesome I am, and how I'm an important part of my community. It also helps a lot when I'm willing to open up to friends and be vulnerable and release some of the shit that I don't need to hold on to.

It's so helpful to teach from this space of feeling empowered and connected. After teaching one of my classes this week, many of the students said thank you with these big happy smiles on their faces. 'They are all so kind to me,' I thought. 'Why wouldn't I want to be just as kind to myself?' 

Just a little reminder that I hope inspires you and inspires me when I come back to read it tomorrow, or 3 months from now, or a year... :)

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