Monday, February 29, 2016

Instant Gratitude (And Yoga Books)

Photos courtesy of Yani.

One of my favorite parts about Alive in the Fire is that this blog has inspired me to read so many incredible yoga books! (And books about meditation, spirituality, relationships, cooking, and more.)

I'm grateful when I receive emails about new books that are coming out, or I have the chance to read them or share them with the Sponsored Yogis team.

We'll be sharing some book reviews soon, but first I just wanted to share this sweet quote from Yani. I emailed her to let her know to expect books in the mail, and this was her response...

My initial response, knowing that these books are on their way... instant gratitude. 

I love personal growth books. I geek out. I often feel that they arrive in my life at the right time, and I will be reading them at the right moment. 

I cannot wait to dig deep and allow this new information into my mind. 

What a beautiful thought, right? Instant gratitude. And, an openness to receiving new information at the exact right time.

Just had to share that with you guys :) 

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