Thursday, January 28, 2016

Inspired Intentions

Hi, yogis!

Today I'm excited to bring you a new Sponsored Yogis series all about inspired intentions
Inspired Intentions

Do you have a habit of setting intentions? Or cultivating a certain quality during your morning meditation?

We've found it can be quite powerful to bring in an intention or mantra early in the day, either during meditation or even just driving in the car.

Here are some lovely inspired intentions from our Sponsored Yogi team:


Trust the moment. Be patient with the moment. Everything shall unfold. I'm learning to take things easy and be patient, even while I have a full and busy schedule.


My intention is to stay positive: today I'm feeling a little in the dark and blue. I'm looking for inspiration and trusting that I'll find it.


My intention is to rest. To be gentle on myself. If there are moments where I find myself having unreasonable expectations or hearing the thought creep in that says, 'I'm not good enough,' I will shift my perspective and let that BS go! (PS My favorite-ever response when I told Yani and Kels about this intention was Yani's reply: "Sometimes warriors need to become little angels and slow down for a bit." So true!!)

What are your inspired intentions this week, yogis?


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