Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Inspired Intention (Yogi Surprise January Review)

What intentions have you set for this new year?

Or, perhaps a better question, what is your intention today? This hour? This moment?

I find that it's a beautiful practice to center myself on a quality that I want to bring into my experience: inviting grace, allowing imperfection, releasing negativity, surrendering fear, or welcoming love.

I love that this month's Yogi Surprise box -- the box that's launching us into 2016! -- is themed around intention inspired. From their love note inside the box:

Whether it's cleaning out the old, aligning yourself with positive opportunities, or expressing more gratitude, setting new intentions invoke actions toward the attainment of measurable goals. By setting these liberating intentions, we can also begin to love without holding back.

Isn't that a beautiful thought? Liberating intentions. Not intentions that are so rigid or fixed that we become attached to them, or attached to the outcome of whether we follow through on them... but rather, freeing intentions that help encourage us and bring our dreams to life!

Here are my favorite three items from the January 2016 Yogi Surprise subscription box. I'll be using them to help inspire my intentions and stay mindful and present, moment by moment.

  • Valentina's home brewed 'Protection' perfume oil: I love the handy roller and the lovely blend of frankincense, myrrh, and patchouli in this oil. It's perfect for wearing as I recover from being sick and need protection from energy around me throughout my day.
  • 21 Drops natural aromatherapy 'sleep' oil: here's another beautiful essential oil that I'm going to be using constantly! I keep it next to my bed and use it in the minutes leading up to sleep. There's Palmarosa (to help diminish anxiety), Sandalwood (to quiet the mind), Vetiver (to help with relaxation) and Ylang Ylang (to encourage peace). Amazing!

As always, a big thanks to the team at Yogi Surprise for sharing such wonderful products. Be sure to check out my reviews of their December and November boxes for more awesome ideas! Namaste.

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