Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Compassion (Ahimsa)

Photo by Brynna Bryant of Respiro Photography.

Surrender your notions of what it means to be 'perfect' or 'good' or 'beautiful.' 

You are all of these things and so much more. You are human. 

Photo by Brynna Bryant of Respiro Photography.

You're allowed to be uncertain, fearful and doubtful. You're allowed to stand in your power and recognize your own divinity. 

You will come to know both joy and sadness, both ease and difficulty. You are an expressive being with a soul. You are an artist. The way you move and the work you do and your willingness to love has a deep impact. Your dreams matter and so does your voice. 

Photo by Tra Huynh of Two Twenty Photography.

On the days when you feel like you are worthless or not enough -- not perfect enough, not good enough, not beautiful enough -- can you step back and witness who you really are? 

Can you take a deep breath? And then re-approach your reflection in the mirror with some kindness and compassion? 

Photo by Brynna Bryant of Respiro Photography.

You are needed in this world. 

Stay true to yourself. 

Be as you are.


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