Wednesday, December 2, 2015

You Are Beautiful

Photos by Tra Huynh of Two Twenty Photography.

Remember how beautiful you are. Remember real beauty is inside, even though the world sometimes tells you otherwise.

Feel this.

Write it down if you need to.

Remind others that they are beautiful, inside and out.

Know the ways you are beautiful. Feel them.

The softness of your smile. The way you look in the afternoon, the way speckled light dances in your hair, and in those moments, your confidence and calm. Your way of being infinite and all at once, present in this moment.

What if, just for a second, you could see yourself the way others see you? How beautiful and precious you are. How perfect.

Trust what you know to be true: that you are beautiful.

When you doubt this, return to the reminder you've written to yourself.


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