Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yoga for Kids

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth.

Have you ever practiced yoga with your kids? Have you ever considered teaching yoga to kids?

Today I'm honored to share sponsored yogini Elizabeth's reflections on teaching and practicing yoga with children. She is certified through Kidding Around Yoga and is offering a training in Nevada City, CA in early December for teachers who want to learn more about teaching engaging yoga classes to children. Check out the Facebook event page or www.kiddingaroundyoga.com for more info :)

Yoga for Kids
by Elizabeth

Changing the world one peaceful child at a time... I am a teacher and trainer of Kidding Around Yoga, and truthfully the best part of my job is leaving the kids getting lots of hugs, being called the Yoga Lady, and being told how much they love me.

Kids love Yoga! Every class is different with its own set of challenges and breakthroughs. Sometimes it seems like every child in the room just ate a pound of sugar and the energy is wild, and sometimes there are children who don't want to participate, but by the end of class, out of the corner of my eye, I catch them doing a pose.

Children have so much stress and pressure from the world; iPads, sports, school assignments, peers, friends, parents. We move children from one thing to the next without giving them the time they need to observe, process, and express what they feel. Kidding Around Yoga provides children a moment in their busy lives to be calm, present, mindful and be given tools for stress management all while hopping, skipping, jumping, dancing, singing, and OMing.

When we really pay attention, it's stunning how many of us as adults tend to breathe shallowly, or struggle to cope with stress, or feel depressed.

What if we taught our future generation how to be kind, mindful, how to breathe, and deal with stress? I bet our world would be much more peaceful.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing this beautiful post!

Yogis, please feel free to reach out to me if you're interested in an upcoming Kidding Around Yoga teacher training or have questions to pass along to Elizabeth.

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