Monday, November 23, 2015

Slow Mornings

One of my absolute favorite things about controlling my own schedule is having slow mornings.

My daily routine used to involve a very frazzled hour at the beginning of my day. I would set my alarm as late as possible, still wake up feeling exhausted, rush around making coffee and getting dressed, and then eat a quick breakfast in my car on the way to work, all the while feeling slightly overwhelmed and dreading the rest of the day.

Now, I wake up (occasionally without an alarm) and slowly get ready for my day. I'll often drink hot lemon water, fix some coffee, make breakfast, check email, and hang out with Jess in the kitchen :)

Some days I practice yoga at home, or take a class at the studio.

I often have the option of choosing whether I want to be in my PJs for a few hours, or if I want to get dressed and head out for the day.

That freedom? It's priceless. :)

What do your mornings look like, yogis? Cheers to keeping them simple and slow!

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