Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Focusing on Gratitude

This week, I've been focusing on gratitude. I've also been creating some gratitude journals for friends, and wanted to share some of the prompts I've been writing for them.

These are great questions to consider during meditation, to talk about with friends, and to write about in your journal (especially at Thanksgiving time, but really anytime is great for gratitude!). 

Gratitude Journal Questions:

What about your home are you grateful for? What spaces do you feel most comfortable in?

What makes you grateful for your community? Who supports you? How do they help you feel supported? How do you contribute to this community?

What aspects of your Self are you grateful for? Are there ways you can thank yourself more often for all you do, instead of judging when your actions aren't "enough?"

What times in your life have you felt most grateful? Why is this?

What activities do you do to cultivate gratitude? Can you think of three ways to incorporate these into your routine this week?

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