Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Creating an Inspiring Workspace

Photo via UncommonGoods.

Since I quit the 9-to-5 grind earlier this year, I've been working from home a lot. One of my favorite parts about the change is that I get to design my own work space and create somewhere beautiful, inspiring, and peaceful.

Bit by bit, I'm making the room where I have my desk more comfortable and organized.

My two newest additions, which I'm a little obsessed with, are a gorgeous moon clock and 'you are beautiful' wood cut out from Uncommon Goods.

The clock reminds me to stay grounded and connected with the present moment, and in tune with the natural elements and cycles that surrounds me. And it even glows in the dark! So rad :)

Photos via UncommonGoods.
The wood carving is a lovely reminder to be kind to myself-- to practice the yogic principle of ahimsa, non-harming.

I'm grateful to have both of these lovely items in my home office, and excited to keep decorating and adding things that inspire me. I also love that I have my crystals, a Himalayan salt lamp, and lovely framed photos and artwork on the walls.

If you're looking for ideas about how to decorate, I recommend checking out UncommonGoods. Their site has an incredible selection of home decor and art and I absolutely love that their mission statement is all about having a positive impact in the world. Not only are their products inspiring and uplifting, but they also use handmade, recycled and organic products.

Have you ever designed a work space? Do you work from home?

Photo via A Cup of Jo.

Here are some other gorgeous rooms styled by interior designer Emily Henderson, which I found on A Cup of Jo. Emily wrote the book Styled, which is an incredible resource on how to decorate.

 Photos via A Cup of Jo.

I also love this funny 'Killing It' print, found via Cup of Jo.

Photo via A Cup of Jo.

What inspiring things are in your office, or around your desk at work?

PS UncommonGoods features some awesome gift guides, if you need ideas for gifts for people under 20, gifts for the modern family, or gifts for dads

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