Thursday, October 15, 2015

Celebrating Life: Yogi Surprise October

Do you ever take time to celebrate simply being alive?

Sometimes when I slow down, I start to see all the miracles around me. :)

I'm so glad that the theme for Yogi Surprise this month is celebrating life. It matches perfectly with what I've been trying to do lately-- slow down and take time to appreciate all the blessings in my life.

When I clear my schedule and move mindfully through the day (doing my best not to rush), it has an incredible impact on my state of mind. Doing one thing at a time builds a certain rhythm that allows me to feel more gratitude. 

Even the 'in-between' moments like waiting in traffic or showing up early somewhere become a welcome opportunity to meditate or send distance Reiki to someone I love. 

When I stay present to the moment, I have endless opportunities to celebrate my life...and endless reasons to!

My three favorite products from the October Yogi Surprise box all helped me feel grounded in the present moment, and grateful for small miracles.

  • Meraki Botanicals healing lavender geranium body balm. I've been rubbing this on my feet at night before bed and it is soo luxurious! Very calming and relaxing.
  • Urban Oreganics matcha anti-aging mask. This mask really helped perk up my skin after some long travel days! The ingredients in it include kaolin clay, bentonite clay, french green clay, organic kelp powder and organic matcha green tea! Amazing.
  • Paleo Simplified pecan pie superfood energy bar. I packed this as a snack on my long road trip and was so grateful for something healthy, delicious and full of lasting energy. Yum.

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