Thursday, October 22, 2015

Be On the Lookout for Miracles

In the last 24 hours, I've been reminded three times to be on the lookout for miracles.

Blessings are surrounding us all the time!

The question is, are we paying close enough attention to notice them and allow them in?

Yesterday I showed up at the yoga studio expecting to teach a class. Turns out, my friend and fellow teacher was there to teach, too. She mixed up the dates and was thinking that I needed a sub this week instead of next week. We laughed and both offered to let the other person teach the class.

"I actually really need to practice," I told her. "You teach." 

I felt relieved and grateful for the opportunity to fall into my practice and get a really sweaty class in. I was craving the opportunity to just breathe and move and be in my own practice. Plus, it was wonderful being alongside some of the students who I regularly teach, and instead experiencing the class with them. Yesterday's class was a surprise blessing just waiting for me... followed by another small miracle!

My friend applied to teach at a new studio in our area, and she gave me all the details on what's required to audition and invited me to do the same. I sent in my info last night, and I'm scheduled to do an audition there in a few weeks.

Out of the blue, I was blessed with an opportunity to grow my teaching experiences and try something new. Between the upcoming audition and a class I taught today at an Aikido dojo, I'm feeling really grateful for the chance to be a part of different yoga communities all around this area of northern California.

Then today, I went to Starbucks-- probably the last place I would expect to be reminded of miracles :)

I was waiting in line for a good 10 minutes while the lady in front of me proceeded to make a series of strange requests to the people working there... she wanted her beans ground to a specific setting on their machine but she couldn't remember what number it was called... then she wanted to buy their caramel syrup which was backstock and not for sale... and no joke, when the woman working there told her she couldn't get it, she said, 'But I have to have it! This stuff is like my blood!' ... She was pretty out there :)

Anyway, in the meantime, the other employee asked for my drink order, completed it, and brought it over to me, still waiting for the register to free up. He glanced over at me, nodded, and just motioned for me to leave. "Really?" I asked. "Are you sure?" He waved at me again, "Yes, don't worry about it," he said. And I left the store with a free coffee... 

Synchronicity... the right timing... reminders to be patient... you just never know what miracles the day will bring.

Sometimes all we have to do to receive blessings is show up

Be willing. Be present. Release expectations.

Thank you, Universe, for these reminders.

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  1. What a great post!! I love unexpected things like this.