Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Alive in the Fire

What does it mean to be 'alive in the fire?'

I titled this blog in reference to the way that I would feel during a sweaty, intense yoga practice -- completely energized, awake, and aware. Fully alive.

I keep coming back to this phrase and sharing it because it represents what I teach: a willingness to try your best, to give what you can, and to surrender to the moment.

When I think 'Alive in the Fire,' I think of being resilient and resolute. Staying true to yourself despite the challenges that arise. Carrying on even when things are tough.

Being 'Alive in the Fire' means being fully present to what's real in this moment, no matter how intense, and being willing to soften. To be receptive.

'Alive in the Fire' also refers to the yogic principle of discipline. You may have heard the word tapas, and in the context of yoga that is the fiery determination that burns off of what is no longer needed, the purification that comes from the breath.

Alive in the Fire means being awake to your true purpose, and pursuing it wholeheartedly. 

What makes you feel fully present? When are you 'alive in the fire?'

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