Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Yoga Under the Full Moon

Happy Full Harvest Moon, yogis! I'm a few days late, but hey :)

I had an incredible teaching experience on Monday. I was lucky to get to teach a flow class outside under the light of the moon! It was beautiful.

On my way to the studio I saw this incredible sunset:

Before the class, I was feeling a little nervous, especially as more and more yogis started showing up. Even though I've been teaching for several years now, I still get a few butterflies before teaching a big class, or teaching something I've never tried before.

At the full moon class, I prepared myself to try something a little out of my comfort zone-- some different sequencing than I usually teach, and more along the lines of my own practice. More fluid movement, and a series of poses that focuses on opening the spine and strengthening the core. It felt vulnerable to share my practice in that way, but also exciting. 

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with the owner at my studio and received some feedback on my teaching that helped me realize the ways I've been playing it safe, and how I can challenge myself by being willing to make mistakes.

I'm proud to say that when I taught Monday's class, I made it a priority to release my fear of 'messing up' this different flow, and I just went for it. And it went just fine! It was fun offering something out of the ordinary.

We also chanted during the class. What a powerful practice, inviting these mantras in! The chant was kali durga, an invocation of love and transformation.

I also offered a reminder that the full moon energy gives us an amazing opportunity to release the old and make space for what's new. My hope is that all of the yogis who came for the class had an experience of release-- however that looks for them-- and that their lives would be enriched by that releasing, that sense of surrender.

Yoga isn't easy, whether you're teaching it or practicing it. It requires being vulnerable-- stepping out of your comfort zone, and embracing the growth that follows.

I'm so grateful for the experience of sharing yoga under the full moon, for that reminder: that even within the struggle and the challenge, we're in it together. Collectively and within ourselves, we're able to release what is old, stagnant, and no longer serving us.

We can grow from that, and move forward.

Hope to make this full moon yoga experience a regular thing-- stay tuned!

PS How did you celebrate the full moon and eclipse? :)

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