Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Dharma Yoga Wheel Instagram Challenge

 Above: My day 1 entry in the #dywchallenge on Instagram
Below, the entry from host @alissayoga.

Yogis, have you guys ever participated in a #yogachallenge on Instagram? :)

How it works is that a group of 'host' yogis will post photos that you then re-create. It's fun because it encourages you to try new poses, adopt a playful attitude in your practice, and dedicate yourself to practicing every day.

I'm participating in a September challenged hosted by the awesome team at Dharma Yoga Wheel. Each post will feature the dharma yoga wheel prop, which helps with backbending, opening the chest and shoulders, aligning the spine, expanding the chest, and stretching the hip flexors.

Here's my Day 2 entry, inspired by @yogivaruna from the Dharma Yoga Wheel team.

Come follow along, or join in the fun!

You can find me on Instagram as @aliveinthefireyoga - be sure to leave a little comment for me so I can say hello :)

PS For more info about the Dharma Yoga Wheel, see my photos with ideas for how the prop can support your practice, or buy one and play!

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