Thursday, August 13, 2015

Honoring the Fire Within (Yogi Surprise August and a Core Sequence)

Do you live life in a way that's 'alive in the fire?'

When I started this blog, I named it according to the way that I want to walk through life: with passion. With fearlessness. With a radiant glow in my heart that impacts everything I do.

Feeling 'alive in the fire' means I am in tune with my own fiery energy, my willingness, the life force I carry.

I'm so grateful that this month Yogi Surprise themed their box around honoring the fire within, on summertime excitement and love. A perfect match for my lovely little yoga blog!

My favorite items from this month's box are the yoga sequencing card made by the team at Yogi Surprise, the Aura Cacia Revive body cloths, and the Neelu Kaur Yogini Bliss essential oil perfume roller.

Yogi Surprise constantly impresses me with the yogic knowledge they share in their boxes and on their website and social media. Of course I'm grateful for all of the goodies that come in the boxes themselves, but I think my favorite thing about the brand is that they truly offer wisdom -- they are the 'real deal' when it comes to talking about yoga, meditation and wellness practices!

The sequence of core strengthening poses that they shared is great for awakening the digestive fire in the body, and pairs well with some of the products included in the box. Try these poses to wake up your energy!
  • Plank
  • Bridge
  • Bicycling (reclined core work)
  • Bow
  • Boat
  • Knees to chest

After this sweaty practice, the body cloths and perfume roller are perfect for cooling down, refreshing, and carrying on about the day with a feeling of empowerment and divine love!

Thank you, Yogi Surprise, for rocking the August box with some (alive in the) fiery inspiration! Namaste.

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