Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Badass Women: Justine

Photos courtesy of Justine.

Today I'm honored to introduce Justine, a dear friend who I know from high school English classes, and a talented, fearless artist who is traveling the world to share her passion. Justine created Tejer Las Americas (Weave the Americas), an international mural series connecting creators. As she says, Weave the Americas embarks a journey of discovery and expression. It’s a lot about encouraging others to embrace and enjoy their own freedom and use their powers for good in the world.

Justine is one of the most beautiful, expressive, down-to-earth badass women I know, and it is with a happy heart that I'm sharing her story today.

What makes you a badass?Being on my own adventure.  It requires a lot of strength and patience to blaze a trail.  Right now I’m blazing a cultural trail: finding creators throughout the Americas and connecting them, while showing with my own example that we as humans have the whole world as our home!   I also am guided by the consciousness that we share this home.  Community (between humans as well as all other species) is awesome and fulfilling! I guess I’m a badass because I care about the world and even if I get pissed off about the stubborn stupidity of many human actions (see this article), I keep believing in and pursuing a better world.

How did you get to where you are today?
Following my curiosity and putting my rational mind at the service of my creative mind has opened me up to experiences that have changed and shaped me.  Learning a new language is life-changing.  Talking with people is life-changing.  Seeing the world from different perspectives is life-changing.  Making up your mind to develop your own perspective is life-changing.  I have a lot of faith in the magic of the world and that has helped me wander far from the nest.  I believe that, in embarking on a journey whose intention is to share, learn, heal and unite, one finds the necessary help.  I’ve found it to be true so far.  The love and support from home, as well as from this growing international community, helps me to continue loving this extended journey.

What advice do you have for others who are looking to find happiness and become fully empowered?
Go deep.  Don’t settle for something that only partially satisfies.  I believe that each of us chooses to be born in order to experience certain things, and inside we know what lights us up.  If you don’t feel like you’re on your path but rather you’ve somehow stumbled onto the path that others thought you should take… do something immediately to orient yourself again to your own inner compass.  Your consciousness and free will is not something to be wasted pleasing “society,” especially when “society” makes really awful calls on important matters.  Recognize your fear.  Dominate it.  And move forward into your light.

How do you plan to continue your baddassery?
We’re going to Weave the Americas, baby!  Haha.  For the next year or so I’ll be continuing to make my way north by land and sea with my partner Catriel.  We’re in Uruguay at the moment and will soon be headed to Paraguay, Bolivia, the North of Chile, and then up the Cordillera (Peru, Ecuador…).  In Colombia we’ll have to decide what to do with the car. Perhaps at that point we’ll transition to a sailboat.  Time will tell.  

In general we are finding fascinating individuals, painting murals using sacred geometry to mark sites of interest and repay generosity, and we’re taking notes on different strategies for living.  We’ve seen some very exciting examples of permaculture communities. Bioconstruction is so gorgeous, logical, harmonious and efficient!  It’s definitely inspired us, so I think our path will continue to seek and develop this knowledge and apply it everywhere we can.  Maybe spend some concentrated time with our hands in the soil in Mexico 2016-2017 before completing the North America leg of the expedition.  If I can do that part on horseback I’ll be… totally exuberant.
I'm continually inspired by the badass women I know who are relentlessly pursuing their dreams. Thank you, Justine, for being a part of the series! 

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