Saturday, July 11, 2015

Yoga Wear and The Ripple Effect

'I just want to live a meaningful life.'

Isn't that a beautiful way of describing what happens when you follow your heart?

Yoga blogging is a lovely way to connect with like-minded souls. Over the years here at Alive in the Fire, I've discovered many brands created by yogis. 

Recently I connected with Brittny of Twin Flame yoga wear. As Brittny says, she was inspired to create Twin Flame as a way to share love. She didn't just want a profitable business, but she also wanted to create a more vibrant community and fund-raise to create a kid's yoga program. She wanted a more meaningful life.

Twin Flame is a lifestyle brand inspiring a happy, healthy and soulful life. While the clothing itself is beautiful, high-quality and functional, the passion behind the business goes much deeper than that.

What I love most about Brittny's story is that it reminds me of the ripple effect we have on everyone around us. Brittny sharing her passion for life and for yoga encourages those around her to do the same. Her students, her customers, even her contacts on the other side of the country -- we are all inspired by what she's doing.

In a similar way, my Sponsored Yogis program directly impacts amazing women who are near and far. I share love and compassion with them, and they share it with others.

As soon as I told Brittny about Sponsored Yogis, she was happy to share a shirt both with me and with Keyla from the Sponsored Yogis team. Her immediate response, in fact, was 'I manifested this!' It made me smile, knowing that she had invited this opportunity for us to connect, and to support each other.

We both hopped on Instagram and shared a little Twin Flame yoga love recently, and that love has a ripple effect out into the online yoga community as well.

I also shared Brittny's awesome website and story with my friend Brynna, who is a talented photographer I work with on a lot of shoots for Alive in the Fire. At our recent photo shoot on the Tower Bridge in Sacramento, I wore the Hamsa Racerback tank

Brynna loved hearing about Brittny's story and seeing the comfortable tank in action, and so she placed an order for a Twin Flame shirt. While this story isn't all that revolutionary or mind-blowing, it again points to some simple truths...

We are all connected.

And every action we take, every act of kindness we share, has an impact on those around us.

Now when I wear my Hamsa shirt, I am reminded of these beautiful yoginis who inspire and encourage me.

I am reminded to stay true to my passions, to live a meaningful life.

Life is way too short for us not to spend time doing the things we love, and sharing kindness and compassion with those around us.

We all have so much love to share.

Whether we're on our yoga mats, blogging, wandering the streets of Sacramento for a yoga shoot, or hanging out in sunny Florida creating custom yoga clothes... let's remember to have a positive impact on those around us.

Thank you, Brittny and team Twin Flame Yoga Love, for all that you're doing. Thank you for the awesome tank and for sending one to Keyla so we can dress like twins even though we're miles apart. :) Thank you, Keyla, for being a part of Sponsored Yogis. Can't wait to take a photo with you some day wearing our matching tanks. Thank you, Brynna, for capturing these lovely heartfelt moments. Maybe you can take that photo with me and Keyla, and we'll get Brittny in there too :)

Namaste, loves!

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