Monday, July 13, 2015

Real Men Do Yoga: Bebe

We've had a lot of badass women featured here on Alive in the Fire lately, so I figured I'd share a post in the Real Men Do Yoga series to balance things out a little bit!

Today's post features BeBe Breakaway, a dear friend of sponsored yogini Keyla who has supported her dance and is an active member of the breakdancing community (also called b-boying or breaking).

Photos via Keyla and BeBe's website.

How did you start practicing yoga? What keeps you on your mat? 
Around 2002 or so I started meditating a lot and eventually got into Vinyasa yoga. Later, I got into Kundalini Yoga. I felt it really resonated with me and eventually ended up becoming a certified teacher. It can be difficult to keep up with my practice but on or off the mat I take my Yoga with me everywhere and in everything I do.

What does yoga offer you that you can’t find with other workouts? 
I have never been much for the gym but as a dancer I can honestly say that Yoga brings and aligns aspects in myself and expands my awareness. 

Have you ever noticed that you’re the only guy in the room at a class? How did you feel? 
Totally, all the time. It's no secret that normally men at yoga classes are a minority. I don't mind at all and in fact enjoy being in the company of women. Does not bother me one bit.

What would you say to a guy who’s never tried yoga before? 
Do it! You won't get nearly a third of the benefits pumping iron... believe that! 

What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?
I like Scorpion because its just fun, it feels and looks awesome. Pigeon pose is great hip stretcher too. 

What goals do you have for your yoga practice? 
To raise my vibrations to live a life full of magic and purpose.

Why Kundalini? 
When I was on tour with my dance group in Europe in 2003, I had my first Kundalini class. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful Raj Yoga that uses rapid breathing techniques, mantra, mudra, and asana. It cuts right to the chase. I had tried Ashtanga and power yoga before and while I enjoyed the stretching, Kundalini Yoga was much more intense, challenging me to the core. I have found it to be most rewarding. 

What do you see as the difference between a Kundalini practice and Hatha yoga, which is more familiar to western practitioners?
Essentially the goal of all yogas is to raise your Kundalini which refers to the serpent power at your base chakra. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan just saves a lot of time. It has been said the Kundalini Yoga is a householder's yoga or rather it was meant to be practiced by people living in very earthly lives. Not for renunciates meditating in caves. I suppose the main difference is that Kundalini uses specific meditations, postures combined with mantras to effect change on a glandular and energetic level.

A masterful warrior, BeBe Breakaway wields a powerful presence with razor sharp execution, aggressive bravado, and strategic battle tactics. An A-List competitor, replete with a dynamic repertoire of power moves, and explosive stylistic combinations, BeBe excels with marked versatility, an insatiable drive, and an indefatigable reservoir of original maneuvers. BeBe has left an indelible mark in the modern lexicon of Bboying, from his combative attitude, to his plethora of trademark freezes, to his indisputable conqueror legend. You can follow BeBe on and his Facebook page.

Thank you, BeBe, for sharing your story! And a big thanks to Keyla for doing the interview.

Stay tuned for more updates in the Real Men Do Yoga series and the Badass Women series! As always, please feel free to reach out (aliveinthefire at gmail dot com) with your feedback and if you have suggestions for yogis to feature.

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