Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Compassion on the Yoga Mat

Today I did a very simple at-home yoga practice. Nothing fancy, only 15 minutes of my favorite poses.

  • Cat/cow
  • Sun salutations with low lunge
  • Down-dog reach throughs
  • A shoulder stretch
  • Reclined twists
  • Dharma Wheel rolls
  • Shavasana

Some days I need more rest and less intensity. Some days I want the quiet of home where I can wear whatever and play whatever music I like, and not be distracted or surrounded by a lot of other yogis.

Some days I just want my practice to feel good. I'm allowed to let the practice be sweet. To focus on ease. Sukha, the sweetness. Cherishing that. Lingering. Not forcing anything.

Today, I let my practice be all about compassion toward myself. Ahimsa, doing no harm.

I gave love to all the places in my body that needed love. I took rest without any sense of shame, dissatisfaction or guilt.

Each day in this practice is different. Honor where you are right now. Let go.

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