Saturday, June 20, 2015

Home Practice

Yoga mat by Aurorae.

Roll out your favorite yoga mat in the backyard, or on the cool tiles of the kitchen floor. 

Find a song that you love and play it loud. You have the option of dancing on your mat for a moment.

You're at home, you can do as you please!

Then, when you're ready, find stillness. Sit quietly. Notice the breath.

Begin to move-- first, a few cat/cow transitions, waking up the spine. Sliding forward onto your belly. Inhaling into cobra, exhaling as you release the pose. Inhaling up again, then softening down onto the mat. Let a fluid motion move through your body. Let the movement feel sweet.

Slowly, begin to link on more poses, moving through Sun A and Sun B. Feeling the powerful leg muscles, your solid foundation, your feet connected to the mat. The earth supports you.

Begin to build heat in the body, letting sweat break through. Find the peak pose in your practice, honoring your body as you move in and out of it, cherishing each step of the way.

Cool down, slowing the breath, finding restorative poses. Soften. Draw inward.

Close the practice in a life-changing Savasana. Let go.

Tomorrow, do all of this again.


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