Monday, May 11, 2015

The Yoga of Devotion

Photos in this post by Lily Michael Photography. Model is Allie Rae.

What have you devoted your life to?

What work are you here to do?

The effort we make in the poses is like the effort we make in our lives; the intention behind every action matters.

Do I choose to open my heart, or close it?

Where have I set my gaze, my focus?

Can my practice guide me to love myself and others?

Enthusiasm, dedication, consistency: these are what build the foundations of a fruitful practice.

When I am firmly invested in my own practice, with an attitude of devotion, service and love, yoga will fill my body with health, my heart with healing, and my mind with peace. The more I practice, the more benefits I receive from the yoga.

“Yoga is one percent theory; the rest is practice,” as Pattabhi Jois said. In order to benefit, we must become devoted to the practice.

Wishing you a peaceful, consistent yoga practice throughout your week! Remember to thank yourself for showing up on your mat.

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