Sunday, May 17, 2015


Photo by Cara Brostrom, taken in 2012.
Photo by Justin Kral, taken in 2014.

One of my favorite parts about blogging is that I can look back at my posts and remember how I was feeling when I wrote them.

Today I glanced back at this post, What Yoga Has Taught Me. I realized how important my yoga practice has been for many years of my life, throughout the ups and downs. I wrote that post almost exactly two years ago, when I was just starting to come out of a challenging period. I was just getting my feet back under me after going through a divorce, moving across the country, and re-establishing my identity and my place in a yoga community.

Photo by Jobi Otso, taken in late 2014.

And yet, despite all of that turmoil and heartache, my words in that blog post sound so calm. So reassuring and hopeful.

Alive in the Fire has seen me through some drastic changes, and has been such a powerful outlet for allowing me to share my story and voice who I am and how I've grown.

To share my story of being a yogi.

Yoga has helped me learn to accept myself the way I am. To embrace that I'm not perfect, I never was, and I don't have to convince myself that I should be.

Yoga has shown me the beauty of living fully present instead of obsessing over the past or the future. 

Photo by Brynna Bryant, taken in 2015.

Yoga has taught me strength, patience, endurance, courage. The practice has taught me to live without attachment to outcome. To give more openly, to write more freely, to love more fully.

Yoga humbles me before great teachers and mentors. Yoga reminds me that health is wealth. That the goodness and light in me also shines in those around me.

Today I'm grateful to continue on this path, being blessed by the practice of yoga, humbled by it. Sending love and light to all you beautiful yogis reading this post, and may we continue to support each other in the journey :)

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