Thursday, May 28, 2015

Following Through

Photos by Lucid Reflections.

Lately I've been scheduling a little bit too much into my day. When I have too many activities back to back, I end up feeling stretched thin.

I end up backing out, canceling plans, and then feeling like crap after.

I feel guilty and embarrassed, or disappointed in myself. My mind starts to chatter: why can't I handle all of this? Why do I break promises? Why did I do this to myself again?

The way to improve is to learn from the experience.

To say 'no' sometimes. To practice, again and again, finding the right balance.

My goal is to schedule myself a little less. To pause for a moment and say, will I really have the energy to do all of that? And to still remain present, engaged, and grateful?

Join me in doing this. It will have powerful effects on the way we're living our lives.


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