Monday, April 6, 2015

ClassPass and Asha Yoga in Sacramento

Saturday mornings are one of my favorite times to practice yoga. The weekend has finally arrived, and I'm ready for asana, meditation and of course spending time with friends at the yoga studio!

This Saturday I had the pleasure of trying out ClassPass at Asha Yoga in midtown Sacramento. I did a 75-minute 'dynamic yogi' class that was the perfect mix of mindful vinyasa and gentle yin poses. I really appreciated that the teacher, Kate, incorporated a wealth of anatomy knowledge into the flow. She guided us effortlessly, and not once did I find myself feeling uncomfortable in my alignment, which is so wonderful. Lately I've been setting my intention at the beginning of class to be mindful and to engage mula bandha, in an effort to keep my low back and hip happy (no sciatica, please!). I was really grateful for how wonderful my body felt after Kate's class.

The space at Asha is warm, inviting, and grounding. I loved that the little studio room is tucked back in a gorgeous modern building. Even with the door closed and the curtain drawn during class, I could still hear a little bit of noise from the street -- the happy sounds of people walking through the farmers market, or eating brunch next door. Not distracting, but lively. Like spring has arrived :)

This was my first experience using ClassPass, and I have to say I'm a huge fan! You can sign up for a ClassPass membership for only $79 per month, and then you have access to a bunch of yoga studios and other fitness centers who offer cycling, pilates, crossfit, dance, zumba, and more. It's perfect for people who are into fitness, or if you're looking to experiment and try something new!

You can visit each studio up to 3 times in that month, and you can use the website and app to reserve your spot. Amazing! This is a really unique and wonderful resource for people who like to mix up their fitness routine. Plus, if you're looking to branch out to some new yoga studios, ClassPass works great for that as well.

You can find out more about ClassPass by following them on Instagram or Facebook.

Stay tuned for more ClassPass adventures, coming soon to Alive in the Fire! Namaste to all you adventurous yogis :) 

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