Friday, April 17, 2015

Real Men Do Yoga: Dallis

Photos courtesy of Dallis.

Happy Friday, yogis! It's been a little while since I posted in the Real Men Do Yoga series, and today I'm excited to bring you Dallis Hollis' story. Sponsored yogi Elizabeth interviewed him about his experience practicing yoga... enjoy!

How did you get introduced to yoga and what keeps you coming back?I started practicing yoga somewhat reluctantly while doing P90x. I didn't see yoga as strength training, but was pleasantly surprised to see it is absolutely a strength exercise. I do martial arts, and it requires balance and flexibility to work in harmony, so that keeps me on the mat.

What does yoga offer you that you can't find with other workouts?Yoga offers me an exercise that focuses on counter balance muscles that most people forget about. The muscles in your toes and shin that burn during a pose are the same ones that help you balance when chambering for a kick.

Have you noticed that you're the only guy in the class? What would you say to a man that has never done yoga?
As a boot camp instructor, I mostly had women come in for workouts. I think we live in a culture where men feel they must do "masculine" exercises. Men are often discouraged from stepping outside of their gender roles and feel they have to "pump iron" if they want to work out like a man. I'm here to tell you yoga is very manly! It's definitely gender neutral and works GREAT for augmenting any workout routine.

What is your favorite pose to do in yoga and why?My favorite yoga circuit is working through the different warrior poses and triangle poses. It's a great leg stretch and burn. For men turned off by the meditation aspect of yoga, maintain constant flow and movement through poses and alternate push-ups or situps in between.

Do you have any goals for your practice?
My goals are jiu-jitsu based as I am seeking more flexibility in my hips.

Thank you so much Dallas for taking the time to share from the heart and giving me great insight to why real men do yoga.

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Are you a guy who practices yoga? Do you want to share your story? Email me at aliveinthefire at gmail dot com! Also be sure to check out this post, and the other stories on Alive in the Fire of men who practice yoga. Namaste.

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