Thursday, April 16, 2015

Navel Radiation Breath

Photo by LucidReflections. Bra by Balini Sports.

I have a simple breath technique that I encourage you to try during your yoga practice. It’s called the navel radiation breath.

Picture your breath as a fiery yellow orb located at your navel center. This is the manipura chakra, the source of your willpower and your belief in yourself.

As you inhale, picture the breath drawing powerfully to this place in your body, lighting it up. Your navel center begins to glow.

Photo by LucidReflections. Bra by Balini Sports.

Then when you exhale, send your breath outward from the navel, through the whole body. The breath moves up through the crown of the head, out through the arms to the fingertips, down through the hips and into the legs and feet. The breath brings vibrant, glowing energy to the whole body.

Each pose begins from the navel center, a place of great strength. The breath is what allows depth in the pose.

Photo by LucidReflections. Bra by Balini Sports.

This form of pranayama works especially well with any twists, or any time you are reaching through the fingertips, finding a long line of energy like in Reverse Warrior or Triangle pose.

Breathe deeply… enjoy!

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