Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Simple Hug

Photos via Pinterest.

The person near you could be suffering, and you don't even realize it.

None of us know when the next devastating moment in life will arrive.

Yet, we're in this together. Everything that happens to us has happened to someone before, maybe even someone we know.

You can choose to ask for a hug when you need one.

We all deserve love and happiness. We share it by giving hugs and smiles to those around us.

The next stranger you see at the grocery store who seems sad, send them an invisible energetic hug. The next yogi at your studio who you haven't met, take a moment to say hello. Share a hug. Or hug your teacher after class.

And that person in your life who you've been waiting to forgive, or who you're harboring resentment towards, know that they need a hug from you too. And you're allowed to give one as soon as you're ready.

You can hug yourself while you're in the shower, or outside under the moon, or first thing when you wake up in the morning.

You can hug your dog, your cat, your turtle, the neighbor's pet who you love to see running around in the front yard.

A simple hug goes quite a long way.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely hugs. Being love is the happiest in the world. And If we just give a hug for who we love, it can be great.