Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Fearless Year

Photos by LucidReflections.

Today, I’m celebrating my 27th birthday! :)

My intention this year is to embrace fearlessness.

I’m challenging myself to try new things, to release and heal old hurts, and shift away from fear and toward love. 27 will be my fearless year.

Already in 2015, I’ve made some bold moves… 

  • teaching more yoga, including workshops and up to 3 classes in a single day
  • re-branding Alive in the Fire
  • dyeing my hair purple
  • moving
  • making new friends
  • doing several boudoir photo shoots
  • being willing to cry on my yoga mat
  • quit the 9-to-5 and gone freelance
  • started a series on Alive in the Fire all about badass women

And I’ve got some amazing things in the works, too…like taking back my maiden name (!!!), leading a kirtan chanting class, exploring my purpose and how it relates to my career, and trying scary new things, like shooting a gun and driving a manual transmission car.

Releasing fear is a powerful practice. Even just in the last few weeks, I’ve been starting to practice more awareness and mindfulness – taking the time to notice, what do I really fear?

I’m ready to release my fear of change, my fear of not being good enough, and my fear of being seen. I’m ready to love my body more. I’m ready for open communication, expressing my needs, and taking great care of myself.

This ‘fearless year’ is inspired in part by my 40-day yoga challenge, my friend Beth who completed a fearless year, and a few amazing books. Check out May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Berstein and Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen—these strong women have powerful words. Their writing has helped me reflect on what I fear and how fear cripples me, so that I can create new habits. In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting more on this topic and I hope you’ll follow along and share your input.

PS A very happy birthday to my twin sis, too! <3

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  1. Fearlessness is also my theme for 2015. Synchronicity indeed!