Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kombucha, Lemon Water and Apple Cider Vinegar (Alkaline Foods)

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Have you ever tried drinking kombucha, lemon water, or apple cider vinegar mixed with water?

All three of these are a great way to add some acidity to your body. Especially if you eat red meat, high-sugar foods and dairy and if you drink alcohol and coffee, you want to be sure to balance your pH by adding more alkaline foods (leafy greens do this, too!).

Lately I’ve been squeezing half a lemon into my water, either first thing in the morning or in the afternoon before lunch.

I notice a big difference! My digestion seems to be quicker, and I’m more motivated to hydrate (iced lemon water is really refreshing, especially on these warmer spring days).

A daily habit of kombucha, lemon water, and/or a little apple cider vinegar does awesome things for your body!
  • aid digestion
  • detox the body
  • improve skin
  • boost immunity
  • help promote a healthy weight
What other ways do you add alkaline foods to your diet?

PS Ideas for how to clean your house using apple cider vinegar.

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