Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Introducing Alive in the Fire's 2015 Sponsored Yogis

I’d like to introduce you to three very special yoginis… 

The 2015 Sponsored Yogis!

Congratulations, Valerie, Elizabeth and Keyla! I could not be more excited to have you on board!

I also wanted to take a moment to thank all of the yogis who submitted applications. It was harder than ever this year to narrow down my selections, because you are all SO amazing. (I seriously wish this program could be my full-time job so I could sponsor all of you!) I hope you will remain encouraged to deepen your yoga practice, and I hope that answering some of the questions on the application allowed you to explore what yoga means to you.

At the heart of Sponsored Yogis is the yogic principle of seva, or selfless service. I hope that this program inspires you to give to others, whether you’re working directly with me or just reading about it here on the blog. We all have so much love to share, and the time for doing that is now. Don’t wait. Give hugs. Give thanks. It’s the most important thing we do – loving others, and ourselves.

Here’s a little more info about each of these amazing women, and please stay tuned for more of their posts!

Meet Valerie, a Sacramento-based yogini. She is a student and teacher of various yoga styles, including Raja, Hatha, Kundalini, and hot yoga. She graduated from New York University with a BA in Journalism and is excited to share her passion for writing. As Valerie says, “Yoga makes me a better person. There is a quote- today, be better than you were yesterday. Yoga helps me do that.”

What drew you to yoga? 
I once heard in a yoga class that people either come to yoga because they want more or they need to let something go, or both. I was both. I had a yearning for more--- more meaning, more gratitude, more contentment. I was drawn to yoga because my heart needed to heal and it was the one place where I could quiet the thoughts in my mind and be in the present moment. 

Why are you excited to be a Sponsored Yogi?
I love the idea of the yoga community coming together and working to help one another. I also see it as a chance to meet more like-minded souls. I would like to contribute by posting positive affirmations and look forward to writing about what I continue to learn on and off my mat. 
Meet Elizabeth, a yogini, hula hooper, yoga teacher, mom from Sutter, CA. Elizabeth describes herself as a ‘baby-wearing, glittery, braids-in-my-hair, tattooed, ring-on-every-finger, incense-burning wife, daughter, devoted friend, community servant, head-over-heels-in-love with my husband kind of woman.’ She was exposed to yoga during a traumatic and devastating time in her life, and found that the practice was incredibly healing. 

How has yoga changed your life?
I feel so grounded and connected with the present moment when I'm on my mat. I apply art emphasis in my yoga practice, and also in my parenting and daily way of life.

Why are you excited to be a Sponsored Yogi?
I am always looking to learn more and more to better myself and inspire/empower others. I am motivated and committed. I can’t wait to promote and spread the love!

Meet Keyla, a yogini, yoga teacher, break dancer and freelance artist from Orlando, Florida. She practices Hatha, Vinyasa and stand up paddle board yoga. Keyla is a holistic health coach, and raw chef with a passion for eating well (keep an eye out for her recipes—they are divine!). Keyla is excited to be a part of Sponsored Yogis because, as she says, “It’s easier to stay inspired when you are part of something bigger than yourself.”

Why do you practice yoga?
My body asks for it. Nothing keeps me on it; it’s just part of me. Same habit as brushing my teeth daily. It’s just something that my body does naturally now.

Why are you excited to be a Sponsored Yogi?
I love to write, I love to meet new people and I love to share great things going on in the community that I feel more people should know about. I would like to bring awareness to people that yoga doesn’t have to be something serious, you can have a lot of fun as you’re learning more discipline at the same time.
Photo by Jobi Otso.

More Sponsored Yogi posts coming soon… stay tuned!

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