Monday, January 5, 2015

Ayurvedic Oil Pulling

Have you ever tried the Ayurvedic healing practice of oil pulling?

It's a simple form of oral detoxification where you swish oil around in your mouth for 3 to 15 minutes. The results can be pretty profound: improved oral and systemic health, increased energy, weight loss, clearer skin, and pain relief.

So far, I've only pulled oil a few times and right away, my mouth felt clean and refreshed. I'm excited to start a more consistent practice of using it to see how it helps me detox.

Oil pulling works to rid the body of toxins that build up from poor diet, environmental factors, sedentary and stressful lifestyles, and lack of hydration. These oil soluble toxins get 'dumped' into the mouth through the salivary glances, and the pulling oil (which is swished and then discarded) takes them out. (Reminder - you'll want to discard the oil into the trash, not your sink!)

My favorite brand of oil is Gurunanda, an all-natural blend of organic sesame, sunflower, coconut, and peppermint oil. Having a mix of oils allows you to balance the three doshas while the peppermint oil acts as a catalyst ('agni').

It's a great product and an easy process, so it's worth a try!

You can purchase Gurunanda oil on Amazon, and read more about oil pulling on their website. Feel free to comment or email me with questions, and happy detoxing :)


  1. Very interesting.. is the taste ok? I could see how keeping oil in my mouth for an extended period of time would make me want to gag...

    1. Hi Priscila, it's actually not bad! It has a light peppermint taste. You can swish for just 3-5 minutes and still get a lot of the benefits.

    2. i might give it a try. thank you for ur response.

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