Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Worry Later

The next time you're overwhelmed, try this... postpone your worrying.

Go ahead; procrastinate.

My friend Leo over at Zen Habits calls this the 'power of delay,' and my friend at work recently put it this way: worry later.

Instead of freaking out, choose to become very present to what's happening around you. Notice your breath. Slow it down. Take a deep, slow inhale... the deepest inhale you've taken all day. Notice how your body is feeling.

Notice where you can soften. 

And then, without second guessing it, or making it into a big deal, carry on.

Chances are, if you delay the worrying for long enough, the overwhelming feelings will pass.

You deserve happiness.

Choose to be stress-free in this moment. Delay your worrying.

What you seek is already here, perfect, just as it is.


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