Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fearlessly Embracing Change

Today, my mantra is to embrace change.

I’m feeling some big shifts happening, and I’m finding it’s helpful to trust myself and breathe deeply, and to choose a loving response instead of a fearful one when things don’t go as planned.

As one of my teachers says, Do not buy into fear! Fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real!

“Change isn't scary----it's tapping into unlimited potential,” says yoga teacher Kathryn Budig. “You always have the power to grow and change---you just need to be open to it."

And, today, I read this on Daily Om:

Being able to remain centered and awake even when we feel uncomfortable is much more impressive than doing so in an environment where everything is to our liking. No matter how good we are at controlling our circumstances, there will always be factors and people that we cannot control. How we respond to these experiences to a great degree determines the quality of our lives. 

The goal of spiritual development is not to learn to control our environment—which is more of an ego-driven desire. And while having some measure of control over our external reality is important, it is when we are confronted with a person or situation that irritates us and we can choose not to react that we know have made progress spiritually. It is when we have mastered our internal reality that we will have become the masters of our lives. 

What helps you stay grounded and centered when you are going through changes?

Fearlessly embracing change is easier said than done... but at least I'm practicing :)

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